Frisco Freeze Blur

More blurry places for you. If you can guess this sign, then you know your way around the Sound very well. Today, was the day of gluttony and fun. Details later..


I had a dream last night that I was shot with a by a bunch of older trying to steal out of my .

* i woke up with a killer stomach ache. my mind must have decided to have fun with it.


Westport, WA

I actually have many post waiting in my head. I have the titles typed out, and the posts await content. I’ll get to them shortly. In the meantime — A fun thing to try if you live in or around Seattle.

, located in Greenwood, is a great place to watch glass blowing and maybe pick up your own glassybaby. What exactly is a glassbaby, you ask. It is a small 4inch vessel that you can use as a votive, drinking cup, or anything else you can imagine. Here’s what they say:

glassybaby are useful in many ways. But their real use is lifting bad moods and loneliness. Their warm and colored light flickers like we do in everyday life. serve as a metaphor local sexting apps to symbolize hope and are humble in spirit but not beauty. Whatever your mood, a can keep your home inviting and full of spirit.

435 NE 72nd Street
Seattle, WA 98115


Pike Place Market Blur

No go on the other thing. It was worth a shot. I’ve become good at trying for opportunities when they arise. I no longer say “No” with the brush of hand. I stop, look at the details, and see if it’s something that might work. I’m not afraid of failure or loss anymore. I think about it sites similar to backpage, but I don’t let it wiggle into the front of my mind too often. For now, I will keep doing what I’m doing and wait for something else to come along.


Big Red Balls

IKEA has big red balls on a Christmas tree. Is it me, or is it just a little too early for that sort of thing? I don’t know. The trip was a quest for some new lighting options for the upstairs of the house. Plans have changed several times on what we are doing up there. Paint color changed, lighting fixtures have changed, wainscoting is free sex websites no longer in the cards. I haven’t been feeling up to going down to the house much this week. I’ve had lots of work, and I keep falling asleep. It’s either all the rain, or I’m still not up to par on the health front.

There is another thing in the works, and I’ll know on Monday if it’s even a possibility. I would like the deal to happen, but I’ve been good not trying to think about it. If it works, then it will certainly make life a bit easier. Plus, it’s really, really cool!


Sometimes life get very busy. I accidentally forgot my brother’s birthday on Tuesday. It wasn’t on purpose. I had actually remembered on the Halloween that I needed to get him a present and get it in the mail, but I dropped the ball somewhere along the way. I honestly didn’t realize what day it way. I thought it was the 6th yesterday. So, you can see how my timing is totally off.

I spoke to him today, and sang him the birthday song. I felt pretty bad about it, but it happens right. He’s 17 now. He was born shortly after I turned fourteen. I remember daydreaming about how our lives would be when we were this age. It’s not exactly how I imagined it, but I don’t think life ever is.

I’m very happy about the busy days. Busy days means good things.


Action: Poi Spinner


Reading Room

It seems that Canon has worked out some of the issues that they had with the smaller 6MP powershots. When I purchased the SD450 awhile back I was very disappointed with the performance. I really like having a smaller camera that you can just pop in your pocket. The 20D is wonderful, but I tend to only use that when I know I’m going somewhere that I will want to take pictures. Some days I have know idea where I’ll be going. Hence, the desire for a smaller camera.

I sold the SD450, and was able to get the 10MP . I’ve been impressed with the quality and performance. The SD900 is slightly bigger than the SD450, but it’s image quality is a significant improvement. The video mode is decent, and even allows for a 1024 x 768 mode. If you’re in the market for a small point and shoot camera this is definitely a camera to look at.


Tea For Two

today. No writing.


Passerines eating bread.
Kona, HI